Wine Experience

the fascination of wine

Follow uns on an eight-stop circular trail through our winery.


The visitors’ tour starts in the vineyards. There, in the shadow of an original „Hiata-Hütte“ (watchman’s hut), the visitor enjoys a delicious sip of Grüner Veltliner of the vineyard Sandgrube. In between the vines one catches a glimpse of the baroque monastery Göttweig while the guide informs the guests of the importance of winegrowing in Krems for more than 2000 years.



In the room of wine regions an air photograph of Krems and its environs invites to a walking-tour through the vineyards in a few steps. The winegrowers’ gala forms the heart of the room because the winegrowers are the heart of WINZER KREMS. They foster and cultivate the vines for WINZER KREMS all year long and harvest in autumn nearyl exclusively by hand – because the experienced winegrower’s hands know when a grape is mature to be harvested.



Here the treasures of Winzer Krems are stored – noble vintages back to the year 1946. Here, the souls of the wines talk to us in a multimedial manner.



The oak cask cellar conveys sacral impression. A wine altar forms the centre of the cellar. There, the next glass of wine with a fine fruity Blauer Zweigelt is waiting for the visitor. Karl Korab, a painter of the local region Weinviertel, designed the western wall of the cellar with an 8x2 m oil painting called “winegrowers’ vintage idyll”. Three large windows admit a glance at the impressive fermentation and storage cellar of Winzer Krems.



In the vineyards, there is much more life than only the vines - they are home of many plants and animals. The 3D-Film of WINZER KREMS squires the winegrower to the vineyards and shows the fauna & flora of Krems and the Wachau.




A play with senses, at once fascinating and simple – this reflects the installation “Hands on Tables” of the Brazil artist Gorgia Creimer. A walk through a fantastic world that leads you to pause, reflect and wonder, to stop for a moment of contemplation. Here, for a short time, the visitor is quite alone with himself and the world of wine.


link: Georgia Creimer - making of "Hands on tables"




The tour is almost accomplished – the visitor enjoys the next glass of wine. The Riesling “Von den Terrassen” rounds off the journey to discover the fascination of wine. And in the "living room of the vintner", it tastes marvellous!



In the well-stocked wine shop WINZER KREMS offers wines and various wine-related goodies such as fine chocolate of Wachau, apricot liqueurs and others.